Splendor X All skin type laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Made Effortless & Convenient for All

Everyone is different whether you’re pursuing laser hair removal because of insecurities or simply for practicality, Lumenis’s splendor X is the way to go. Designed to be a gentle approach, it makes the laser hair removal process noninvasive and accessible to most skin tones. Through the use of light beams fully eliminate or significantly reduce the presence of hair by, targeting and eliminating hair follicles. Committed to helping women as much as men be more comfortable and confident in who they are and their bodies Deluxe Laser & Spa guides you through a treatment process, tailored made for you. Your backgrounds, skin tone, skin condition and more will be determining factors in gaging whether or not you are a viable candidate for this hair removal process. Nonetheless, dedicated to their craft, our licensed technicians with the help of the Splendor X workstation will get rid of any unwanted hair whether it’s your bikini area, face or anywhere else easily and effortlessly.
Laser Hair Removal With Splendor X

Laser Hair Removal With Splendor X FAQs

What Makes Splendor X worth it?

Designed to safely and permanently get rid of unwanted hair, it’s square shaped beam enable larger and more efficient coverage decreasing overlap and thus any skipped areas, directly contributing to the Splendor X’s safety. Furthermore, although the concerned area of hair needs to be actively growing for the melanin in the hair follicle to be properly targeted, it is still possible for you to shave (waxing or plucking would get rid of the hair follicles which must be present for treatment). Because lighter colors such as light blond, blond and gray may have a harder time absorbing the light of the laser, individuals with darker hair are typically better candidates for laser hair removal, that being said, everyone will react and respond differently to a laser hair removal treatment and how successful and frequent the sessions will need to be will be based on those factors.

But How Does It Work?

Required to be administered by a licensed technician, a laser device will use light beams on the area to be treated, using two different wavelengths to target the hair follicles, they can be synchronized and adjusted based on the you, the patient0s skin tone, hair type, thickness and color. Prior to treatment, your technician will have adjusted the laser to your specific skin tone and hair thickness as well as given you eye protection. A test pulse will then be done on the treatment area to watch for any unwanted or adverse reactions. Each hair follicle will then be targeted area by area one step at a time. At this time some patients report feeling a slight warm sensation as well as some potential discomfort however nothing significant. Designed to target the melanin in your hair follicles the Splendor X takes advantage f a square beam allowing for faster coverage with the full body being treated in as little as thirty minutes as well as more consistent coverage reducing burns, skipped areas and increasing precision.

Any Drawbacks?

Directly following treatment, some patients report experiencing slight swelling or redness or a combination of both however, these effects dissipate within hours if not minutes what’s more, an icepack can be applied straight after your session to help accelerate this process. It should also be noted that this type of laser hair removal treatment could cause changes to your skin pigmentation and texture this is why choosing and experienced and skilled provider with knowledgeable technicians is primordial.

Anything I need to know?

As previously mentioned, this is one of the safest and most gentle way to go about hair removal, multiple treatments over the course of weeks or months may be needed for optimal results furthermore, as previously mentioned, candidates with lighter hair may not be the best suited for this style of treatment.

How to Prepare For Treatment Day?

Although you will be asked to preserve the hair follicles in the area to be treated for up to six weeks before your day of treatment, you’ll likely be asked to shave the concerned anywhere from forty-eight to twenty-four hours before you’re scheduled to come in. Any tanning or sun exposure should also be limited for up to two months preceding the day you’re scheduled to come in for treatment. Due to Splendor X’s gentle approach, no recovery or downtime is needed after your session meaning you can resume your regular activities and train of life straight after your session meaning no disruption is brought to your schedule. Nonetheless, sun exposure should still be avoided for the following six weeks supplemented by regular sunscreen appliance.

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