Electrolysis with Apilus xCell Pro

With Electrolysis Say Goodbye to Any Unwanted Facial or Body Hair

Apilus is a new, permanent hair removal method based on high frequency. Particularly adapted for small areas of the face such as the mustache, temples, eyebrow, chain as well as the body and areas like your underarms or bikini line, this is the perfect option if you’re looking for a practically painless hair removal treatment. Available for all hair types as well as skin types, tones, tanned or untanned even on tattoos the Apilus xCell Pro is a comprehensive alternative that can adapt to a variety of situations. Deluxe Laser & Spa recommends Apilus for anyone who wants to say goodbye to their hair on their chin or elsewhere but where does this recent increase in popularity for this new evolution of electric hair removal come from?
Permanent Hair Removal with Apilus xCell Pro

Permanent Hair Removal with Apilus xCell Pro FAQs

What’s so great about Apilus hair removal?

You can think of high frequency hair removal as an evolution to electric hair removal. Rather than painful and grueling process due to the time required for the impulse to generate the necessary chemical reaction that would lead to the controlled destruction of the unwanted hair Apilus’s high frequency method use as the name impulse high frequency currents which generate heat within a few seconds resolving the overheating issue encountered with electric hair removal. Furthermore, this technique significantly reduces the any risk of skin alteration or damages. Unlike electric hair removal, high frequency hair removal is instantaneous making the entire experience short, sweet and painless. High-frequency hair removal makes it possible to reach hair that is resistant to laser or pulsed light treatment making this style of treatment ideal for finalizing a laser and other treatments and, if necessary, for treating any regrowth.

How Does high frequency hair removal work?

Inspired by electric hair removal, Apilus makes use of very high frequency currents. The speed of oscillation is what generates intense amounts of heat in a few thousandth of a second creating a chemical decomposition thanks to the heat resulting in the destruction of the germinative cell within the hair follical with no risk of any overheating thanks to the isolate isolated microfilaments which definitively destroy in a precise way the bulb present in the hair follicle, all of this, without the risk of cutaneous damage.

How Does Treatment Work?

High frequency hair removal may take longer than other techniques however, this is the most effective method to remove hair for long periods of time if not permanently for both dark- and light-haired individuals. The length of your treatment will depend on factors such as the size of the area to be treated as well as your hair type, color and density therefore each case will be different. With your skin containing hundreds of hair follicles not all in active growth at the same given time, regrowth is definitely possible hence why sticking to the treatment is important as Apilus’s permanent hair removal only targets hair follicles in an active growth stage leaving the other to grow at any time depending on the cycle of your hair’s growth.

Any Drawbacks?

After treatment, the treated area may be slightly red however this should dissipate within a couple minutes or hours of your session moreover, and ice pack can be applied to reduce and redness. Furthermore, if the treatment is administered by an unqualified party, potential skin damage and discoloration is possible.

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